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WiZ Connected


WiZ Connected is an alliance platform through which recognized lighting vendors can bring intelligent luminaires to their end consumers with proven technology and fast time to market.

Our IoT team provides the technical expertise for smooth integration of WiZ electronic components, customization of luminaire icons, consolidated big data reports, as well as international end user support.

What you get from us


  • Bulbs, light engines or controllers with a 5 year guarantee.
  • Technical support for integration.
  • The 4 pillars of our software framework: Android & iOS apps, firmware, backend.
  • Subscription to Amazon Web Services for the lifetime of WiZ product usage.
  • WiZ technology brand marketing: offline and online.
  • Support to end users in 6 languages through chat and emails.

3 levels of connection

Level a
Level A
Bundle with light bulbs powering retrofit luminaires
Level b
Level B
Customized light bulbs or WiZ light engines accommodating specific shapes
Level c
WiZ Controller CCT+RGB / Wi-Fi module & antenna / IR receiver for integrated luminaires
Level C