Absolute control

Our patented WiZ technology lets you enjoy full control of all your lights whether it's through Wi-Fi, mobile data networks, the infrared remote or your existing switches. By giving you more ways to control without removing any at all, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to how you'd like to interact with light.
Mobile-App Remote
Switch Moments
Sensor Photocell
Cloud Schedule
Presence-Simulation Applets
Amazon-Echo Google-Home
Advanced voice CONTROL

For most lighting products with voice control capability, smart home skills are limited to only switching the lights on/off and dimming.

“Ok Google,
I’m leaving, turn off all the lights at home”
Google Home
“Alexa, ask my WiZ to change the light in the kitchen to daylight.”
Amazon Echo

In our integration with Amazon Echo, not only do we have the WiZ smart home skill, but we also have the WiZ custom skill (listed as "WiZ Advanced skill" on the Alexa store) to let you enjoy immersive WiZ dynamic light modes such as forest, mojito or romance.

For Google, WiZ is supported by "Direct Actions", where the Google Assistant on Google Home or your smartphone lets you control your lights in the most natural way possible - just by talking to it.

Streamline your life

Thanks to the cloud, WiZ lights integrate easily with most other connected systems so you can use triggers from your other favorite apps.

WiZ already has 60+ popular IFTTT recipes available on https://ifttt.com/wiz .

Streamline Your Life


Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in nearly all aspects of our daily lives. But it hasn’t for light yet. That is… until now.
64 Whites
16 Million Colors

WiZ brings total flexibility with 64,000 shades of white. It’s the very minimum of what should be expected for the 21st century.

Now with adjustable whites and colors, WiZ lighting experts have designed dynamic modes that completely outshine the rest of the industry. Like great music tracks, perfectly synchronized and randomized, our modes make any room glow with stunning lighting ambiences.

After all, why settle for the same 2,700K CCT of our great-grandparents when we can have so much more instead? Other companies tried to deliver upon the smart lighting promise by tackling a singular, minimalistic white option… but we made the tough choice to not compromise on either hardware or software to put the best technology around WiZ.

Check it out now.

The DNA Graph

Light with a brain

Loaded with memory

Each WiZ light has 2MB of flash memory, with more than enough space to run complex software smoothly, manage secure updates and store as many settings as needed.

light Main Left Image

This memory also allows the light to be pre-loaded with dynamic light modes such as the ever-popular fireplace, mesmerizing deep dive or fun and light-hearted pastel colors, so that you can still enjoy amazing lighting ambiences modes even without a smartphone nearby.

We have transparent and forced upgrades to ensure that all devices are up-to-date with the latest security patches. Our lights have two firmware slots, with one reserved to store a firmware backup in case there’s an interrupted update to ensure that your lights work all the time.

The WiZ API, hosted on Amazon Web Services, includes safe authentication through OAuth 2.0.

Loaded With Memory Mobile

The right network

WiZ lights directly connect to the router over 2.4GHz Wi-Fi settings, which ensures a wider coverage than 5GHz.

light Main Right image

Nowadays, individual Wi-Fi routers can control up to 100 connected devices and many more through relays. Their antennas function across large distances; extended Wi-Fi networks in most residential and commercial areas are now becoming the norm.

Wi-Fi lets a large number of users control a great number of lights at the same time, while Bluetooth connectivity is limited to a handful of devices and even less users. Our architecture is scalable to allow smooth operation within any home size or even up to 10,000 lights in a single commercial location.

The Right Network Mobile

No bridge needed

Each WiZ light has its own brain – a 32-bit MCU chip with Wi-Fi – for smarter automation, as our lights are directly, constantly and reliably connected to the cloud for up-to-date preferences and settings without any dependency on a hub or bridge.

No Bridge Needed Image

Solutions on the market rely on a bridge linked with constant processing from smart devices. These external “brains” are connection relays controlling the not-so-smart bulbs, which create several bottlenecks in the light control system. And bridges are single points of failure with a high security risk.

On top of additional cost, a bridge takes extra time for initial set up of a lighting system. The bridgeless architecture we built up lets you enjoy any individual WiZ light immediately. And your privacy is protected via anonymous sign-in and TLS 1.2 encrypted cloud connections.

OFF Until Blinks